Bezior M26 26" folding electric scooter 500w

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eRAZY's Review:
Bezior is a range that we've recently fell in love with. Why? Well it's simple. We look for eBikes that offer amazing value for money but are clearly worth more than we sell them for.
You may know that a foldable 26" eBike isn't easy to find. Therefore Bezior have come up trumps with this model and with the 500w motor at only 25.5kg total weight, you won't be disappointed. In fact if you're looking for something larger than your usual 16"-20" foldable option, then look no further!


Tyre Regular
Wheel Size 26"
Range 50-60km
Gears 21
Speed 30kmph
Watt 500w
Volt & Amp 10ah
Weight 25.5kg
Max Load 150kg
Charge Time 5-6 hrs

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