Citycoco M3 1500w Electric Scooter

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Looking for something that’s guaranteed to turn heads? Then look no further. The 1500w M3 electric motorcycle by Citycoco is what you’re looking for. With a range of up to 50km and a top speed of 50km/h you’ll soon forget that there isn’t a petrol engine located between your legs. At 65kg it’s not the lightest eBike on the market, but what it lacks in portability, it definitely gains in streetcred

* Note this eScooter will require registration before it can be used in the UK. Normal rules apply as if you were purchasing a 50cc Petrol Scooter. Depending on your license and age will depend on the certification required. Please check on the Uk.Gov website for full details. 


Tyre Off Road
Wheel Size  
Range  40-60km 
Speed  41-50kmph 
Watt  1500w 
Volt & Amp  60v 12ah 
Weight  70kg 
Max Load  200kg 
Charge Time  6-8hrs 

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