Fieabor Q08 - 1200w Folding electric scooter (Arrives in UK 11th October for dispatching 15th October)

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eRAZY Review:

Following the huge success of our Fieabor Q06, we have decided to expand the range with the Q08 and Q08 plus. Every review for the Q06 hit 5 stars and we fully expect the Q08 & Q08 plus to be no different.

I'm sure you'll agree that the specifications and look of the Fieabor is second to none. The performances certainly don't disappoint either. Super range, amazing speed with an acceleration unrivalled.

This 1200w  48v 33ah Samsung motor will give you everything you need from a great mid range off roader!



Tyre Off Road
Wheel Size 10.5" Vacuum (Climbing angle 45-55 degrees)
Range 50-100km 
Speed 55kmph 
Watt 1200w 
Volt & Amp 48v 33ah Samsung Battery
Weight 29kg 
Max Load 200kg 
Charge Time 6-8hrs 

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