FIEABOR Q06 plus - 5600w Foldable Electric Scooter (Pre-Order from new stock, arrives in UK 9th October ready to dispatch 15th October)

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eRAZY Review:

So here it is, the ultimate 2800w twin (5600w) Samsung motor, will Oil brake for sensitive quick response, 60v 30ah, spring shock absorption, shock absorber seat, and super bright LED lights. This beauty travels up to 85kmph (52mph) and has a range of up to 110km (68 miles).

Having tested this model it matches many that are priced at £3,000+ so this Q06 plus is an absolute steal for this price range!!!

Double U7 LED Lights

C-Type spring shock absorber

All oil brakes


Tyre Off Road
Wheel Size  11" Vacuum (Climbing angle 45-55 degrees)
Range  70-90km 
Speed  70-80kmph 
Watt  5600w 
Volt & Amp  60v 27ah Samsung Battery
Weight  47kg 
Max Load  250kg 
Charge Time  8-10hrs 

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