Hi-Flying H2S-02 82cm eSkateboard 350w

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Introducing the Hi-Flying H2S eSkateboard 
Powered by a 350w motor and controlled by a handheld controller, the H2S is capable of up to 20kph. This might not sound that fast to you scooter heads, but that is more than enough speed when travelling on a skateboard, trust me. 
It has to be said that this will give you so much pleasure, much like a normal skateboard you won't have to worry about kicking yourself up to speed. Just use the simple hand-held remote to control your speeds.
Past experience with skateboards is advised and please please please always wear a helmet.


SIZE: 820mm x 215mm x 140mm

Tyre 70mm PU
Wheel Size


Range 20km
Panel 7 Layers maple & 1 x Bamboo
Speed 20kmph
Watt 350w
Volt & Amp 25.2v 4000m/ah
Weight 4.2kg
Max Load 100kg
Charge Time 3 hrs

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