NEW!!! Himo C26 26" Hybrid Electric Bike

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The new Himo C26 is the latest Himo eBike offering a fantastic hybrid mountain bike with 26" wheels. With a range of up to 75km and speed of 25kmph. A beautiful addition to the Himo range!

Just a couple of days before, a new Xiaomi HIMO C26 electric bike appeared on the Youpin website. According to the manufacturer, the new bike boasts a range of upto 100km, which is definetly higher than most of the other electric bicycles available in the market. In addition, a powerful metal frame and large wheels provide you both smooth city roads, and off-road mountain trails. With its specs, this looks like the next best seller on the electric bike market!Specifications:

Apprentice wise, the latest Xiaomi HIMO C26 looks like an ordinary mountain bike. Its tall, broad, and heavier than its predecessor, the HIMO C20. These aesthetic not only help you move around the city but also on off-track mountains.

The latest Xiaomi HIMO C26 features a light frame and 26inch wheels.

The Xiaomi HIMO C26 features a triangular frame, which makes it more durable and stable on a bad road.

Xiaomi HIMO C26 dimensions  174 × 66 × 105 cm, and the weight is 25 kg.

In addition, Xiaomi HIMO C26 is made of high-quality metal and available in three colours: grey and white.

Also, this time Xiaomi has not made it foldable like older models of its e-bikes. So it needs more space to store or transport. However, you can adjust the height of the seat.


An ample white light with a capacity of 45 LUX is above the front wheel. Behind under the seat is another red light. Thanks to its powerful front and rear lights, the Xiaomi HIMO C26 provides safe transportation both day and night.

XIAOMI HIMO C26 Specifications: 

The main feature of the latest Xiaomi HIMO C26 is its large power reserve. It features a massive 10 Ah battery, which provides up to 100km ride on a single charge. With a battery capacity like this, you can go not only to work, to a store or cafe, but even to a neighboring city.

The Xiaomi HIMO C26 can easily accelerate to 25 km per hour and is design for a maximum weight of up to 100 kg. This means that both teenagers and adults can use bicycles.


On the left steering wheel, you can see HIMO C26 small display. Its a monochrome display that shows speed, distance, driving mode, and battery level. On the left, only you can see its control button. It allows you to turn on/off the light and also change the mode and speed of the bike.

In addition, its display also comes with IPX7 ratings which protect it from water and dust. On the sides, there are the front and rear brake levers.

With the HIMO C26, you can enjoy three driving modes mechanical, hybrid and fully electric. In fully electric mode, it can travel up to 60 km.
As for the braking distance, it is 4 meters on a dry road, 6 meters on a wet one.


Tyre Regular
Wheel Size 26"
Range 60-100km
Gears 7
Speed 25kmph
Watt 250w
Volt & Amp 48v  10ah
Weight 25kg
Max Load 100kg
Charge Time 6hrs 

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