Kugoo V1 (used to be called B2) Handle Folding 400w Electric Bike

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Test driving the Kugoo V1 today (formally known as the Kugoo B2). 🤙

What a seriously great bit of kit! and with 400w power!!!
This extra power to the standard B1 Pro (250w) allows you to carry a little one on the cross bar. Just to prove the point Kugoo have given you an extra little seat for that happy little chappy (helmet a necessity please)

As one of the cheaper options in the #electricbike market, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The ride was sturdy, and the speed was impressive. The best part about this #ebike though has to be the fold and carry element. A few quick folds and I was on my way!

Amazing value for money, and a perfect #commuterbike

Available from our website now and the rock bottom price of only £499.
The Kugoo V1 (used to be called B2) is one of the best cheapest electric bikes on the market. It has 14" wheels a 400w motor and speed up 25kmph.
The handlebars fold to make it easier to fit into the boot of the car and this is definitely a great eBike to have with you for those short journeys! A caravaners dream!


Tyre Regular
Wheel Size 14"
Range 45km
Gears 1
Speed 25kmph
Watt 400w
Volt & Amp 48v 
Weight 18kg
Max Load 120kg
Charge Time 6hrs 


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