Bebo Reevo Hybrid 750w Electric Bike (Pre-order now for December 2021 arrival)

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eRAZY's Review:
Scratching your head with this one? 
No sweat, we’ve been there! 
This futuristic looking thing is the Bebo's new Reevo 750w hybrid eBike
Now we know what you’re thinking...”where are the spokes?!” and we agree, it is a little unusual. But the Bebo actually uses a track-like system, meaning spokes are essentially redundant!
Amongst its many impressive features is the option to attach useful carry bags to the inside of the wheels, making it genuinely look likes its floating as you ride. Insane!
This 28" spoke-less bike offers not only offers the most modern of design to the electric bike market space but also GPS worldwide tracking, fingerprint security lock and automatic lights with indicators.
Wanna beat the crowd on this one? Pre order yours today in time for the December 2021 arrival.
We can’t wait to get our hands on one! 


Tyre Regular
Wheel Size 27.5"
Range 60km
Gears 1
Speed 25kmph
Watt 750w
Volt & Amp 48v 10.5ah
Weight 55lbs
Max Load 120kg
Charge Time 3hrs

Park and Walk Away

Reevo is equipped with a signature and impenetrable Triple Barrier Anti-Theft System so your bike stays exactly that - yours.

1. One-touch fingerprint sensor that locks/unlocks the bike
2. Integrated automatic lock housed within the frame, out of reach from bolt cutters.
3.Integrated GPS with motion detection. Set the geofencing radius and know where your REEVO is anytime, anywhere.

Lights Up When It Gets Dark

An ambient light sensor detects darkness and automatically turns on and off the ultra bright headlamps and tail light. So you can stay safe no matter when you ride.

Your Print, Your Bike

Reevo has a biometric lock, securing your bike to your unique fingerprint, making it virtually theft proof.

Spokes Are So Last Year

Turn heads with Reevo’s unique patent-pending hubless wheels that are centerless all the way through. It’s pure engineering excellence built around a strong, lightweight core finished in sleek matte black.

The Frame from the Future

Reevo flips the script on what an E-bike can be. Shred the streets in style that rides as good as it looks.



Class 2

Throttle and Pedal Assist

3 Hours

Charging Time

25 mph

Per Hour


Lights Lumen Rating



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