Shengmilo MX02S 1000w 26” electric bike

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If you’re looking for a all year round powerhouse then OMG to the Shengmilo MX02S snow bike. 26” x 4” fat tyres along with a whopping 1000w motor means there’s no conditions that this beauty won’t take on and win.

 With a lightweight Alluminium frame and Kenda “4 thick fat tyres, not only will you achieve up to 40kmph but also up to 100km range when using the pedal assist mode. Even if you want to go our and not cycle you can stick it in electric only mode and still achieve up to 50km range! Wow

Everything about this eBike is quality for well under £2k in cost. I’ve seen ebikes like this for twice the price and they’ll give you nothing more in look or performance. Take yourself through the year on this beauty! 


Tyre Fat 
Wheel Size 26” x 4”
Range 80-100km on assist (50km electric only)
Gears 21 Shimano
Speed 40kmph
Watt 1000w
Volt & Amp 48v 17ah
Weight 29kg
Max Load 230kg
Charge Time 6-8hrs 



specifications by Fancy Huang

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