Victory VT-54 Dark Knight 2 1000w Electric Scooter

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Ok, so for those of you not in the know with regards the Victory brand, don't be put off if you've not heard of one before. Basically Victory are manufacturers and have only recently started to brand their products and sell them themselves. You can be sure that similar models you may have heard of such as Kugoo, are made originally by Victory. That's why we love them as we know they are well made and often better than the known brand names!

This model compares to the G2 Pro (750w) but Victory have made it their own by upgrading to 1000w to give you that little bit more for a little bit less £!


Tyre Off Road
Wheel Size 10"
Range 50km
Speed 50kmph
Watt 1000w
Volt & Amp 48v 13ah
Weight 24kg
Max Load 150kg
Charge Time 6-7hrs

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