Vtuvia SN100 Electric Bike

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"I'll be back"...............but not for a while! No wonder 'Arnie' has put his name to this beast!
The glorious Vtuvia SN100 making an appearance. 
A thing of pure beauty, but how does it perform? 
It’s safe to say that this bad boys abilities on the road match it’s super slick looks on the eyes.

If you're looking a great off road electric mountain bike, look no further than the Vtuvia SN100. With a range of up to 50km the 750w motor (35kmph) will get you through most tough terrains. with 7 gears and 3 ride modes you've got all the help you need!

Change the way you travel, Leave behind the problem of traffic jam, travel without carbon, protect the green earth.Say goodbye to the crowded bus, enjoy the individual independent space, enjoy the city scenery, let the travel more free

Change the way you ride, Hybrid cycling, pedal assist or walk assist model ,let the ride be whatever you want

Change your sports way, say goodbye to the excuse of no time to exercise, travel is a sport, say goodbye to the reason of no sports place, the road is a sports place.

Go for an outing, go for a tour, across the city and over the mountains, it's easy to be there.Along with it, you'll find the fun of exercise and keep your body and mind healthy.

On the way to work, on the way out or in your spare time, every moment of your journey gives you freedom and happiness.

Hybrid bicycle , free heart!


Tyre Fat
Wheel Size 26"
Range 50km
Gears 7
Speed 35kmph
Watt 750w
Volt & Amp 48v 13ah
Weight 30kg
Max Load 120kg
Charge Time 4-6hrs

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