Zero 11x 26ah electric scooter 6400w

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Double cushioning, 11 inch wheels

The Zero 11X has two motors with a total rated power of 2400W and a maximum power of 4800 watts. The electric scooter has a double telescopic steering rack, which not only adjusts to the height of the rider, but also makes the control of the scooter more accurate and smooth. Front and rear shock absorbers soften the ride, and 11-inch wide wheels with deep tread create excellent grip. High clearance allows you to overcome various obstacles on the way.

Top speed 110 km / h

The maximum speed is up to 85 kilometers per hour. For this speed, you need a capacious battery, and it is here. The battery lasts up to 120 kilometers without recharging.
For safe driving at this power and speed, Ziro 11x has disc and electric friction brakes that allow you to brake smoothly and accurately. Friction brake with recovery function, which makes it possible to recharge the battery during use.

Front and rear HYD oil brake

On the steering wheel are an on-board mini-computer, throttle and brake handles, buttons for changing travel modes - ECO / TURBO,SINGLE / DUAL, as well as buttons for controlling the backlight and sound signal.
A special anti-slip coating is applied to the wide deck, which allows the rider to stand stronger while moving. For convenience, there is a special handle on the back for carrying the scooter, which can also be used as an emphasis for legs.


Tyre Off road
Wheel Size 11"
Distance 190km
Speed 100kmph
Watt 6400w
Volt & Amp 72v 26ah
Weight 57kg
Max Load 150-200kg
Charge Time 8-10hrs

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