Zero T9s 500w folding electric scooter 9" (awaiting next batch delivery dates)

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The ZERO 9S was designed with the sweet spot between power and portability in mind. Powerful enough to climb most hills, yet compact enough to fit under your desk easily. Perfect.
The S9s features a powerful 500W motor with a top speed of 40kmph and the capability of climbing 15 degree inclined with ease. It will also reach 25kmph in just over 4 seconds, leaving most cyclists (and often cars) in its dust.


Powerful enough to climb any hill, compact enough to fit under your desk. Weighing only 21 KG, featuring a collapsable stem. T9s model adapts perfectly to the different stages of your commute. It is also equipped with strong LED lights in the front, rear and under the deck to ensure you ride safely at all times.

Hill-Climbing Power At Your Fingertips

T9s features a high-efficiency  brushless 500W motor with 800W peak output. T9S has a top speed of 40 KM/H and climbs 15 degree inclines with ease. Designed for riders weighing up to 120 KG, it reaches 25 KM/H in 4.1 seconds leaving most cyclists (and often cars) behind.


We wanted to give you the best of everything. With spring suspension in the front and hydraulic in the rear, you will fly over bumpy roads and potholes. In addition, the 9 inch pneumatic (air-filled) tire in the front will further absorb shocks making your ride buttery-smooth. Your back will thank us later.

Battery Function

>Overcurrent Protection                       

>Over-discharge Protection

>Overcharge Protection                        

>Short Circuit Protection

>Balanced Charge Protection           

>Sleep Protection

>Charging Temperature Protection


Front spring suspension

Rear Hydraulic suspension

15º Climbing Angle

Alloy Wheels

IP54 Waterproof

Battery: Lithium Battery
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Max loading: 120kg
Maximum Range: 40-50km
Maximum Speed: 40km/h   
Battery Capacity: 48V,13Ah  
Charging Time: 5-6 hours


Tyre Off road
Wheel Size 9"
Distance 40-45km
Speed 40kmph
Watt 500w
Volt & Amp 48v 13ah
Weight 21kg
Max Load 120kg
Charge Time 6hrs

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